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Course Work | Interact with IoT Devices with Head Direction and Voice Control

We create a VR environment in which we can interact with the iot devices using voice control only or using head direction and voice control at the same time.

Head direction is often considered as a way to show one's interest, especially someone is look at something for a certain amount of time. So we track along the user's head direction and pick the first iot device as the "target candidate" . We use a progress circle to avoid unintentional activation. When a device is "selected", the use can interact with it by speaking out the command directly.

For those out of the sight, the user can speak the name + command to interact with them.

This is a group project. I am in charge of the unity development, from writing the scripts to deploying the whole project to vr.

The following is a demonstration video showing how users can control a specific IoT device using voice commands when facing the device.


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